Help us to make the app better in your language

We know that you love our app. That is why you are on this page.
That means that you want to make the app better in your native language.

How to help with translation?

  • Proofread text lines of the app by using a special localization web service (see more detailed instruction bellow)
  • Just sent an email with a screenshot with the wrong translation and a message on how to correct it.

Links to the translation check

We are using a special web-based service to store and manage the translation of the app.

Translation notes:

  • Register here (it is absolutely free for you)
  • Follow the links above to start checking the translation
  • You can easily change words and phrases in the text to make it more comfortable to understand. You do not need to translate everything verbatim.
  • The app consists of different modules. Please check the translation for each module.
  • Please pay attention that there could be several pages on each link

Our translation contributors

We say big thanks to our users, who help us with localization and make our app better.

  • Galina (from Russia) - helped with Russian translation

What to be mentioned on this page or you have any questions just drop us a line